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Why am I exploring better ways to make sense of our thought process?

At the start of the year, I decided that I wanted to become a better writer. That was my goal for the year, and nothing was going to stop me. So I did what all rational people would do, I spent a day or so writing, a week designing and building a blog, and then never went back to writing. It’s been six months now, and not another word, till now.

That’s half the year that I could have been working towards my goal, learning, building a productive habit, and becoming a better writer. I’ve “failed”, and that’s fine because I’ve had a realisation.

I wanted to write, but I had nothing to say.

When I set out to become a better writer, I wanted to find another creative outlet outside of my work as a designer and putting words down on (fictional) paper is something I’ve always enjoyed. However, I didn’t have anything that I wanted to write about, and that makes writing really difficult.

I’ve found what I want to write about, and I’m going to tell you why.

I’ve always struggled with understanding and explaining my thought process.

To me, the world appears optimised for those that display logical and linear thought processes that can be traced step-by-step. I don’t work in that way. I’m more than happy to communicate things in that fashion, but it’s not how I work, and when I do share knowledge in that way, I lose the chaotic details (the good bits). I’m fascinated by finding ways of working that allow me to keep my chaotic process while helping me to explain it better. Win-win.

I want to learn more about myself.

While I’m pretty attached to my chaotic ways of working, I’m not married to them. I’m the first to admit their flaws. I can be better.

In exploring different ways of documenting, visualising, and organising my chaos, I can learn so much about how I work and improve in the process. If I then write about it, I’m committing that to more long term memory.

I want to give back and learn from others.

I want to do this in public. I want to connect with other people that have similar struggles and insights into the same subject. Doing it in public keeps me accountable and gives me a way of connecting with people outside of my day-to-day network (maybe no one cares).

Usually, when I want a creative outlet outside of my day job, I turn to side projects. Generally, I build prototypes for terrible product ideas. They end up in deadends and slowly fade in the wasteland of the internet. I’m not creating any value there.

Sharing my explorations and learnings creates more value than yet another todo app. If something I write resonates with even one person and benefits them, then I’ll be stoked.

So those are my broad reasons for starting I hope you join me on my little adventure and enjoy my nonsense.

Do you have any great tips for organising your thought process? Are there any tools that you find help you? I’d love to hear from you over on Twitter.


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